Vaginal Discharge

A normal and healthy vagina will produce a varied amount of discharge throughout your monthly cycle which keeps the vagina clean and healthy. You will get to know your regular cycle and if there is any variation you should consider possible causes and whether you need to visit a doctor. Healthy discharge is generally clear or white in color, and does not have a strong smell; you should also feel no itching or soreness. Read more

There are many causes of a change in discharge, the majority of them are pretty harmless and can be cleared up with a cream or a course of antibiotics. Visit your doctor if you have any concerns, they will be able to set your mind at rest and clear up the problem.

Possible causes for unusual discharge include –

Bacterial vaginosis – this is a bacterial infection and easily cleared up with antibiotics. Your discharge may turn grey or smell fishy due to an imbalance in the normal bacteria in your vagina.

Vaginal Discharge

Thrush – A fungal infection that causes discharge that may look like cottage cheese accompanied by a lot of itchiness, this can be cleared up with home remedies or a simple cream. If it is the first time you have had this then you should consult a doctor, but if it is a repeat infection you can self medicate with natural yoghurt or an anti fungal pill or cream from your pharmacist.

Gonorrhea or Chlamydia – These are sexually transmitted diseases; if you suspect that you have either of these then it is essential that you visit a clinic or your doctor as both of these infections can cause far more serious illnesses if left untreated. Other symptoms include pain when urinating or in your pelvis or bleeding between periods.

Genital herpes – Another sexually transmitted disease accompanied by blisters around the genitals. The symptoms of this never really go away so it is best to avoid catching it by practicing safe sex.

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Your health is very important, and your genital health is no exception to this. Don’t let embarrassment stop you consulting a doctor if you are worried, they will have seen it all before. Practice safe sex to avoid catching an infection, and abstain if you have anything, including something relatively innocuous such as thrush as it can be passed back and forth between partners and will be more difficult to get rid of.

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