HIV symptoms

HIV and Women: Common Symptoms

With HIV getting more frequent everywhere in the world, it is really important to make sure that you have as much information as possible. There are way too many women that have HIV symptoms and that don’t really know it. With these common symptoms, you will easily know if you have the possible disease, or not. Make sure that you are getting as much information about the HIV common symptoms and know what to look for in women:

Early symptoms

With HIV symptoms, there are a couple of the early symptoms that can …

Symptoms and Stages of HIV Infection

HIV symptoms vary from individual –to –individual and at times there are no symptoms at all in some people. Without treatment over time HIV will get worse and could damage the affected person immune system. There are different stages of HIV infection, and each will be discussed in this write-up.

Acute primary infection stage

This stage is reached after the infected person is exposed to the virus 1weeks to 4weeks after been exposed to the virus. It won’t last for long, but some flu symptoms might be experienced, and some individual doesn’t experience it. …

What You Need To Know About HIV Symptoms

HIV PEP (post exposure prophylaxes) is an emergency HIV treatment. It is definitely not a cure for HIV but just a form of prevention. It stops HIV from becoming a lifelong infection. But as prevention is better than cure therefore, it is highly important to keep a deep eye on HIV symptoms. These symptoms are divided in two main categories i.e. early stage HIV symptoms and progressive HIV symptoms. Let’s have a quick look at them;

Early Stage HIV Symptoms:

  1. Low Grade Fever: The sufferer can show a constant low grade fever in the
When do HIV Symptoms Require a Trip to the Emergency Room?

If you are thinking you are infected with HIV, you should decide a place to go for a free, secret HIV test.

You can have HIV and may not have symptoms, and some HIV tests will not give you optimistic result for as long as 3 months after infection. This is considered as the HIV test window time, and has to do with how HIV tests notice the virus.

Some people freshly infected with HIV will suffer from some flu like symptoms. These might include:

  • High Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Rashes
  • Muscle aches
  • Sore
Importance of a Young Identification of HIV

It is indeed normal that a significant number of the people do not indicate HIV symptoms or they appear to be for quite a while however in a few individuals, these soon get to be unmistakable. HIV/AIDS primarily wrecks a man’s ailment battling capacity and the man turns into a mere prey for most illnesses like rash, fever, influenza, successive cerebral pains, weariness and the most urgent one swollen lymph hubs. Read more

Over the long haul, the contaminated individual may take a hit utilizing their endless organization infections like rashes, the runs, …

What the Early HIV Symptoms Are Like

In spite of the detail that the world has seen the increment of mindfulness with respect to issues about AIDS, HIV and the diverse dangers created by unprotected sex, a considerable measure of people still has no clue what the specific side effects in the early phase of HIV precisely are. In spite of the fact that the very risks of getting the infection of this illness may be moderately low, it is still imperative that everybody is mindful of the conceivable early HIV side effects, especially if a man has engaged in sexual …