HIV sickness

hiv test

Who really wants to go through an HIV test? For most people, it’s the illness no one wants and you cannot blame them. You hear such horror stories within the media and for most people, they really dread going through testing. However, it can be a lot easier to test for HIV, even potentially at home. So, what are the benefits of testing for HIV and should you go through a test?

You Know Straight Away

When you are ill, do you want to put off knowing or know straight away? For most …

What the Early HIV Symptoms Are Like

In spite of the detail that the world has seen the increment of mindfulness with respect to issues about AIDS, HIV and the diverse dangers created by unprotected sex, a considerable measure of people still has no clue what the specific side effects in the early phase of HIV precisely are. In spite of the fact that the very risks of getting the infection of this illness may be moderately low, it is still imperative that everybody is mindful of the conceivable early HIV side effects, especially if a man has engaged in sexual …