Sexual Dysfunction In Men

Pornography could be a major cause of erectile dysfunction, according to a report published in theJournal of Sexual Medicine, and the number of cases is expected to climb over the next 25 years. The report states that in 1995, there were over 152 million with the condition and they predict this number to rise to 322 million by 2025. The only drug approved to treat the condition is Priligy and it is not yet available in the States. Read more

Health experts suggest that it is the increased level of ease with which we access pornography that has contributed to pornography. The numbers of pornography users who experience delayed ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction is growing.

A specialist at the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine was interviewed about the survey which gleaned the statistics above and he reveals that 70% of the young men he treats at his clinic for sexual function problems had been using a substantial amount of pornography.Click here to read more info about sexual dysfunction.

Sexual Dysfunction In Men

Experts say that porn is a big problem but that masturbation is not necessarily the cause of the problem in men. Erectile dysfunction will not be caused by masturbation, they assure.

More pornography and increasingly varied images is the only thing that will suffice after some time of watching porn. Men do not notice this happening according to author of ‘As Porn Goes Up, Performance Goes Down’. She says that after a time of watching a certain type or amount of porn, the images do not work for men and instead of realising that this will eventually mean that sex will not provide for enough stimulation, they move onto what is described as ‘hotter’ porn thus making their problem worse or increasing the risk of developing a sexual dysfunction.

The more extreme versions of porn desensitize the brain in effect. The growing dependency on porn is the reason for this and men tend not to want to admit that this is the problem and instead opt for treatments like Priligy.

Men get to the point where they cannot get aroused thinking about real sex. Psychiatrists often describe heavy porn use as being similar to drug use and drug addiction. They stop getting high on images that they are used to and often carry these problems into new relationships. This dysfunction in many cases is said not to have anything to do with the penis and in many cases, erectile dysfunction is a problem in the brain. In essence, the male suffering from premature ejaculation as a result of watching pornography, has conditioned himself into suffering from impotence.

Zertane is another treatment in trial stage at the moment but until then, Priligy is available on prescription.

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